Box 1

Four key tasks for a typical first session

Task of therapistExamples of opening questions
Find out what the person is hoping to achieve from the meeting or the work togetherWhat are your best hopes of our work together? How will you know if this is useful?
Find out what the small, mundane and everyday details of the person's life would be like if these hopes were realisedIf tonight while you were asleep a miracle happened and it resolved all the problems that bring you here what would you be noticing different tomorrow?
Find out what the person is already doing or has done in the past that might contribute to these hopes being realisedTell me about the times the problem does not happen When are the times that bits of the miracle already occur?
Find out what might be different if the person made one very small step towards realising these hopesWhat would your partner/doctor/colleague notice if you moved another 5% towards the life you would like to be leading?